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Fondue, Martinis, and Muscles


            Lurissa pulled her coat tighter, the cold air was an incredible contrast to the warmth of her car. The clicking of her heels sped up as she hurried towards the front door, knocking with earnest as she reached the porch. She felt the heat escape as the door opened, and instantly Luri forgot the temperature outside. A mischievous smile graced her lips as she ran her eyes along the muscular curves of Amber Harlow. The tall blonde smiled and hugged her tightly, and the shorter woman inhaled her scent deeply. She always loved how Amber smelled. Sadly, the strong embrace of the blonde loosened, and she beckoned her inside.

            “Hurry up sweetie, I don’t need you getting sick.”

            Luri sashayed in, heard the door close, and felt a pair of soft lips touch her neck as her coat was removed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Amber drop the jacket on a small bench, though she was instantly distracted by the caress of the lips that were ravishing her neck. Luri reached up and ran her fingers through the taller woman’s hair.

            “Don’t start what you’re not gonna finish dearie. I was promised dinner.”

            The lips left her skin and she turned to watch Amber’s strong hips sway as she walked towards the dining room. The black cocktail dress fit her well, and the definition of her muscles was very evident. Slipping her heels off, Luri stared longingly at the solid rear that led her towards their destination.

            “Don’t fret beautiful, I always deliver on my promises. However, Trent got held up at work, so I told him we’d wait.” She looked at Luri, there was a hunger in her eyes, but not for the incredible fondue spread on the table. Amber gestured to the hutch. “Help yourself to a drink, Trent knows how much you love your Green Apple Martinis. He said that he bought a very ‘special’ blend of vodka for you.”

            The raven-haired woman stepped over to prepare a drink. Examining the bottle, she realized it was a brand she had never seen before and the words were all in Russian. Shrugging her shoulders, she happily prepared her drink. Turning to Amber she pouted slightly and gestured to the glass.

            “Don’t be sad, I made sure to slice some apples for you. They’re in the small fridge below.”

            Luri cocked her hip happily and dramatically bent over slowly to open the fridge. She heard Amber suck in her breath, no doubt at the sight of the lace panties that her short fuchsia dress barely covered even while she was standing. As she stood and placed the apple slice into her drink, Luri gestured to the dress.

            “I even picked your favorite color.” Breathing in the sweet aroma of her drink, she sipped it slowly as she sashayed around the room, eventually reaching the blonde. Gazing into the tall woman’s eyes, something suddenly seemed off. Luri was not a small woman, but Amber had her by a few inches at least. The difference was not so great now. Amber bit her lip and smiled.

            “I told you. Trent said it was a ‘special’ blend. You can probably guess what that means.”

            Luri looked down at her drink and the realization hit her. Glancing at her biceps, she noticed the defined muscles that replaced her normally slim arms. Without a second thought, she looked Amber in the eyes lustfully, and downed the martini in two quick gulps. As the cool liquid slid down her throat, she felt a warmth spread through her body. Grasping Amber’s hips, she pulled the blonde to her with surprising strength. Before the other could react, Luri pressed her lips against Amber’s, and forced her tongue inside.

    As their tongues danced frenetically, the heat within the formerly shorter woman was almost blazing. She could feel her dress tightening across her body, and made a quick note to have Trent buy her a replacement. Amber’s hands caressed her thickening back, and Luri noticed the blonde now needed to crane her neck upward to continue the kiss. The sound of tearing silk caused Luri to break the kiss, leading to a whimper escaping Amber’s lips. Smiling, the raven-haired woman gently caressed the blonde’s cheek as she inspected the damage being done to her dress.

    The seams had split from her expanding breasts all the way down to her hips. Realizing it was pointless to keep it on, she gripped the front and easily tore it from her body. Her smooth skin was now pulled tightly across incredible muscles, the matching bra and panties barely holding on. Amber’s face flushed at the sight before her. Always one to enjoy being the center of attention, Luri flexed a bicep that was easily twice the size of the blonde’s.

    “Kiss it.”

    Amber, not used to this shift in dynamic, hesitated. Luri looked at her seductively.

    “That was not a request.”

    Leaning forward, the blonde’s lips met the solid flesh, cautiously at first. But soon her hands and tongue joined her lips, and she began to softly worship the amazon that was now easily a foot taller than her. Savoring the sensation, Luri took the moment to take in the rest of her changes. As she tensed her thigh the muscle exploded with strength. It was easily as big around as Amber’s waist. The hands suddenly left her bicep, and while the lips and tongue remained, she now felt fingers graze her rigid abdominals and slowly make their way to her breasts.

    The sound of the garage door caught their attention. Luri smiled devilishly, walked to the hutch, and poured Amber a shot of vodka.

    “Feel like giving Trent a show he’ll never forget?”

    Amber happily downed the liquor as she heard a door close and lock.



    To be continued?

So, there is an amazingly awesome person on DeviantArt that I have been a huge fan of for quite awhile. Out of nowhere, she favorited a lovely image of my wife Amber 'The Ruckus' Harlow... and followed it up with not one, but two amazing gifts.

Mature Content

Hard as Amber is beautiful FMG by ELL-T

Mature Content


The problem here, is that I am simply not an artist. I drew what possibly could have been a very sexy and muscular stick figure girl, but then I figured I would make something that I hope she would enjoy. So, I wrote her a little story, and I am super nervously hopeful that she enjoys it. ELL-T, this one is for you. If you like it I may even continue it, though that chapter probably won't be appropriate for public eyes. ;)

Lurissa Torres is also known as :iconell-t:

Amber is course my amazingly incredible better half (who gave this story her blessing). And I the lucky schmoe mentioned by name in the story, who totally doesn't deserve the wife he was blessed with.
ELL-T Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooohhhh!! I have seen many stories of transformations on DA, but it's such a treat to be in one!
I especially like the tone of it. Transformation as comedy and play is what prefer and this is adorable. You can bet I'll curl up with a cocktail for more of this scene!
Thank you, dear. You have earned a picture of act 3, coming soon.....
TrentHarlow Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yay!! I'm so glad you liked it. Also, I meant what I said, if you want me to continue it I will but it might end up being for your eyes only. :hug:
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