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The Amulet of Delilah: Inheritance

Chapter 1 - Delivery


            The young blond lifted her head from under her pillow and looked around her room. What was that loud banging noise? she wondered as her half-awake brain was trying to make sense of the situation.


            "DEE! GET UP!" she heard come through the door.

            "Sam? Is that you?" the confused girl mumbled in response

            "Who the hell else would it be?" her friend said, "You need to come sign for a package. So put your sweet ass into some clothes and get out here so this guy will stop eye fucking me!"

            The blond threw her blanket off, grabbed her glasses, and began the search for clothes. The first thing she found was the tank top and yoga pants she had lounged around the apartment in yesterday. She slipped the tank top on first, deciding to forego a bra, and pulled the pants on. She pulled the door open just as Sam started to beat her fist against it. Dee looked down at her pixie like friend.

            For a moment, she froze. The memories of last night came flooding back to her. They were both sober now, should she say something? She wanted to, god how she wanted to. To grab Sam by the shoulders and profess everything she was too scared to say last night. As she opened her mouth, her mind froze and all she could do was make a joke. "You know if I didn't know better, I would think you were some 7-foot-tall amazon about to kick my door in," she said jokingly as she walked past. Sam was about a half a foot shorter than her, with slender but proportionate curves, and short reddish-brown hair. She smirked at her roommate, her freckled cheeks crinkling.

            "You should know better than to doubt me girlie," she said as she followed Dee to the door, "I pack a mean punch." Before Dee could respond, she felt a hard smack on her rear and turned to see a grinning Sam heading towards the living room. She rubbed the no doubt reddening spot on her left cheek and finally addressed the blushing delivery man who was gawking at her chest. She was certain that he had not expected such behavior from her diminutive friend, but was surprised at how obvious he was with his gaze. She coughed when he failed to acknowledge her.

            " you Miss.....Della Hearthfell?" he said looking down at the box in his hands. She nodded. "Alright then, if you could just sign here please." She took the clipboard from him and signed next to her name. He handed her the box and left quickly. She closed the door and walked into the living room and tossed the package on the couch next to Sam. She looked at her friend again, catching her eyes. Dee bit her lip, trying to find the words. Sam must have sensed her anxiety and quickly changed the subject.

            "Who's it from?" she asked.

            "Not sure," Dee said, thankful for the reprieve, "I need to wake up before I do anything else. Be right back." She headed back down the hallway towards the bathroom. After brushing her teeth, she tried to straighten her hair out. The thick, shoulder length hair did not want to work with her this morning, so she decided to leave it be, not like Sam would care anyway. Sam. Her thoughts drifted again to last night.

Last night…

            “I’m jusht fed up with these girlsh who are only looking to fuck!” Sam said sharply, waiving her current glass of wine to emphasis her point. She sat down next to Dee in a huff, and leaned onto her shoulder. “I want to find shomebody I can trust, that I can be vulnerable with,” she lifted her head and looked Dee straight in the eyes, “somebody that”

            As she stared into Sam’s green eyes, the weight of the statement sunk in through her tipsy haze. Could it be? Did Sam actually feel the same way? It was obviously an easier thing for her to announce, she’s been out since high school. These feelings were all so new to her, and a little bit intimidating. But this was it, her moment. A chance to say all the things in her heart. She started to open her mouth, and the anxiety overtook her voice. She stood quickly, and shakily said, “I think I’m going to go to bed. G’night Sam.” Briskly, she walked to her room and closed the door. As she laid down she covered her head with a pillow so Sam couldn’t hear her crying.

The present...

    Dee exhaled. Sam had basically thrown herself at her, with no fear. Sam was never afraid of anything. Shaking her head, she wished that she could be that confident. Remembering that Sam was waiting for her, she left the bathroom and headed down the hallway.

    She stopped on her way back in front the full length mirror in the hall. Remembering the stare of the delivery boy she adjusted her top, wishing her boobs didn’t draw so much attention. Sighing, she pushed those thoughts aside and continued back to the couch. Lifting the package to her lap she finally looked at the label.

            "Huh," she said confused, "That's weird."

            "Uh oh," Sam said playfully, "Is my sugar mama getting cut off from the parentals?"

            Dee smiled at her friend, "You better hope that never happens, or you'll be back to serving coffee to those wannabes on campus." She looked back towards the box, "It's from my Great Aunt Suzy, which is why it’s weird. I haven't seen her since I was a kid. She’s never once sent me even a birthday card so I can't imagine her sending me anything." Her confusion only grew once she opened the box. There were four things. A letter, a book, a flash drive, and a small jewelry box. Sam scooted closer as she opened the letter. There was only a small message followed the signatures of her aunt and uncle.


            We give you this gift. May it bless your heart and enrich your soul in ways you cannot imagine. It will grant you a strength from within, and empower you to commit great deeds.

            Love, Aunt Suzy and Uncle Mark

She handed the note to Sam and reached for the jewelry box. She opened it slowly expecting some extravagant gem encrusted heirloom. What she saw instead was something much more...plain. She grabbed the silver chain and lifted the necklace out of the box. The charm was a silver heart that was easily the size of a silver dollar. It had no markings of any kind, but there was something about it. Something that silently spoke to her. She needed to put it on, somehow she was sure of it.

    As she slipped the amulet over her head, she saw Sam look up at her. Suddenly, the charm began to glow and she quickly stood as an odd feeling came over her. It was as if some kind of thick wave was washing through her. She felt as though she was stretching out in all directions. She closed her eyes and a deep moan escaped her lips as the feeling flowed from her toes to the top of her head. It was when she heard a tearing sound that she opened her eyes. Everything in the room looked smaller to her, she lowered her head to say something to Sam and realized right away that something was off. Sam was frozen in place, her mouth hanging open, and her face flushed. Dee followed Sam's line of sight and saw what had captured her friend’s attention. Her body was now covered from head to toe with huge, curvaceous muscles. Her much larger hand grabbed the charm hanging between her volleyball sized breasts. Staring at the silver heart, there was only one thought that came to mind.

            "What the fuck?"

Chapter 01 by TrentHarlow


A few minutes ago…

            Sam examined the letter Dee had handed her. Geez her family is weird, she thought. She glanced up from the paper and watched her friend lower the amulet around her neck. Sam was never one to miss a chance to check out her gorgeous roommate. Her thoughts began to drift to the disappointing outcome from last night, but was snapped back to reality by a faint glow emitting from the charm of the necklace. She watched Dee stand abruptly and was speechless at what happened next. In what seemed like an instant, her shy and cute friend grew into some type of Amazonian goddess. She shot up in height, her head inches from the ceiling fan. Her brain tried to process how high up the fan was when something else caught her eye. Dee was definitely curvy before, but these were new curves all together. Her previously thin arms were now bulging outwards. Her biceps looked to be the size of honeydew melons, and her forearms were easily as thick as her thighs used to be. Used to be, because they now looked as thick as telephone poles. The solid curves traced down into her calves, which were wider than her own waist.

    Surprisingly, Dee’s waist did not grow much, as if it was tied down with an invisible corset. The increase in height has caused her tank top to rise up slightly, and underneath she saw a rigid set of abs developing. Her eyes drifted back up Dee’s arms and saw that her hair had almost doubled in length. No longer blond, it was a deep crimson red that cascaded down her bowling ball sized shoulders. Sam noticed that her eyes were still closed, but a sudden ripping sound caused them to burst open. Dee’s tits were nice before, just the right size and perky as hell. But now they were huge, like somewhere further down the alphabet huge, supported by what must have been some seriously strong pectorals. Their sudden expansion had torn her tank top, partially exposing Dee’s left breast. She looked back to her gargantuan friend’s eyes and was shocked to see her formerly brown eyes were now an incredibly light ice blue. Their eyes locked as Dee exclaimed in a much deeper and sensual voice.

            “What the fuck?”

    Sam realized that her own face was completely flushed and her mouth wide open. Was she drooling? Oh god she hoped she wasn’t drooling. She had to say something before Dee had a panic attack but all that came out as she stood was, “That was…awesome!”

    Dee was looking down at her with a nervous look in her ice like eyes. Her breasts were heaving as she breathed deeply attempting to calm herself. “AWESOME?” she exclaimed between gasping breaths, “That’s all you can think to say right now? Somehow I have turned into some type of monstrous thing and you think it’s AWESOME?? Iamonthevergeoflosingmyshitandthatsallyoucansay???”

    Sam chuckled at her friend and stepped towards her. She grabbed her hand rubbed it gently. “Dee, first off you are not a monster. Whatever happened we are going to figure it out together, okay?” she said slowly, “But, I need you to sit down because if you pass out I won’t be able to move you, so I need you to focus and sit down.” As she said the words, she had a brief though of how this must have looked. A woman the size of a child exuding dominance over a woman who was now quite literally a brickhouse.

    Dee nodded her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. She took an uneasy step forward and stopped abruptly. Sam looked up at her and noticed that Dee was staring at something. She turned her head and saw what it was. The mirror. She had just seen her new body. Suddenly, she smiled, wiped the tears from her eyes, and stepped towards the mirror.

    Sam watched her walk cautiously. Dee stopped about a foot away from the mirror, for if she had gone closer she would not be able to see her face anymore. The mirror was about six feet tall, meaning that Dee must be six and a half to seven feet tall. She sat on the couch and watched her friend begin to carefully explore her new body. It was quite a sight to behold. She quickly realized that she was staring a little too intently and looked away. It was then that she remembered the package and looked inside. The book immediately caught her eye. Her inquisitive side had taken over. She quickly opened the book and began to read. It seemed to be an instruction book of some sort. It was completely hand written, but thankfully had a table of contents. She scanned some of the chapters; History, Abilities, Rules, Limitations, Spells, etc. She quickly flipped to the Rules section and began to read. 

Chapter 1 of my first ever story!

Dee receives a mysterious package that contacts a magical artifact. Who knows what power it possesses?

Artwork is courtesy of :iconmuscle-fan-comics: and drawn by the incredibly talented :icondanusko:

Full Size Image: Inheritance - Delivery

All characters are my own creation. Additionally, all characters are 18 years of age or older.
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