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The Amulet of Delilah: Inheritance

Chapter 3 - Fun


          The warm lips kissing her neck were slightly distracting as she carried Sam towards her bedroom. She was still amazed at how light her pixie was, and her powerful muscles barely noticed the weight. As she walked into her room, she reached one hand to close the door when the kissing suddenly stopped. The tiny butt in her left hand wiggled back and forth a bit before a curious face moved into her gaze.

          “Are you…holding me with one hand?” Sam asked, her voice dripping with lust.

          Dee responded by pursing her lips and raising her right arm into a flex, expanding the melon sized muscle to the size of a bowling ball.

          “Oh my…” Sam cooed, reaching her hand over to caress the bulge in front of her. She ran her fingers over the mass before gripping down on it tightly. Dee was kind of surprised, she assumed that her muscles were super powered, but she actually felt (and saw) the muscle compress slightly as Sam squeezed. There wasn’t any pain, it actually felt…good. Hmm, she thought, I wonder if… The low, drawn out sigh that escaped her lover’s lips brought her back to reality.

Chapter 03 by TrentHarlow

          Sam’s head was back and her eyes closed tightly. Her left hand was still massaging the flexed bicep while her left hand was gripping Dee’s hair. It was then that she felt something wet and glanced down. A smile graced her lips as she saw what Sam was doing. The pixie was moving her hips up and down, grinding her moistening crotch on Dee’s abs. She felt the hand move from her bicep up to her shoulder, gripping the thick rounded mass. An idea came to her as she moved them over to the bed and sat down. The movement caused a sensual giggle to escape from her still grinding lover. Dee spread her legs to give her better access to Sam’s damp shorts. She hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled swiftly, tearing not only the shorts, but the panties beneath as well. The sound startled Sam, whose eyes burst open, but did nothing to slow her gyrations. Dee laid back on the bed, bringing the pixie with her, and slid the torn clothing off her legs. Sam placed her hands on Dee’s massive breasts and pushed herself into a sitting position. Using her strong legs Dee pushed herself further up the bed, the quick movement causing her friend to fall back slightly, only to catch herself on her bulging thighs. The act of pushing them up the bed had caused them to swell large and she felt the pixie’s finger dig into the muscles as her hips resumed their grinding motion at a more vigorous pace. She smiled and pointed her toes out, causing her quads to pump up further, driving Sam crazier. She reached up with one hand to caress her tiny breasts, while the other gripped her ass as it rocked faster and faster. Sam’s moaning grew louder and pushed herself forward and began aggressively massage Dee’s giant breasts. She continued to rub the pixie’s nipple between her large fingers, and moved her other hand further around Sam’s ass before softly sliding a finger into her lover’s dripping slit. The pixie’s eyes burst open, her hips began to move faster as the large finger was thrusting in sync with her. The moan was becoming to intensify, the pace of their lovemaking quickening, and Dee had one more surprise for her lover. As Sam inched closer and closer to climax, she brought her shoulders of the bed and began to flex her abs. A gasp escaped the grinding woman’s mouth as her clit grinded across the ridged muscles, and with one more firm thrust of her finger Dee watched with a blissful smile as her little pixie reached climax.




          Sam’s vision was spotty, her body was trembling, her breath coming in gasps. She felt a pair of strong, gentle hands holding her steady. The fog in her brain begin to clear and her eyes were finally able to focus on something. And it was smiling lovingly at her.

          “Shhh…” Dee cooed gently, lowering Sam down onto her breasts, “I got you.”

          As she laid down onto the amazon’s chest, Sam’s thoughts were finally catching up to her. Of all the women she had been with, she had always been closed off. It had always been about sex. Sure it was fun, but it was never enough. But it was tiring that every single time, she had to be the one in control. She made the calls, take charge of the situation. Most of the girls were first timers, or just experimenting, so she did what she had to do.

    But this, this was different. She had never completely let herself be taken by another woman before. But somehow, with Dee, it came naturally. Her eyes drifted up to catch her lover’s gaze. As their eyes met, the sound of Dee’s sigh finally made her crack. The tears came quickly, and streamed down her cheeks. It was then, that she realized what this was. There was no going back, her heart was forever in the possession of her dearest friend. As she opened her mouth to talk, Dee wiped the tears from her cheeks and shushed her.

          “It’s okay sweetie,” her voice was like velvet, “I’m here for you, now and forever. I promise.”

          The words, cliché as they were, hit home for Sam. It felt like what her whole life was leading up to this. She softly shook her head, there would time for this later. She was tired of being sappy. It was time to return the favor. Using the gargantuan mounds to prop herself up, she smiled devilishly at her lover.

          “So my bulging amazon, what is your pleasure? Tongue, fingers, or both?”

          Dee looked awkwardly up at her, and bit her lip. “I’m not sure. I’ve…never had anybody go down there before.”

          Sam smiled, her aggressive and dominating side coming back. “Oh girlie, don’t you fret. I’m gonna take good care of you.”

          Her movements suddenly became quick and agile, almost feline. She started slowly, a soft kiss on the lips with a light slip of tongue, some gentle licking and sucking down her neck, until she reached those amazing breasts. She licked her lips and traced her tongue across the fleshy globe before taking the large nipple into her mouth. The amazon began to moan softly as Sam fluctuated between nibbling and suckling the engorged bit of flesh. She sensed the larger woman’s hands tensing and then felt them quickly move away from her. Sam lifted her head.

          “Everything okay?”

          Dee was breathing heavily, “Yes. Oh god yes. It feels so good, but….” she hesitated, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to control my strength. I don’t want to hurt you.”

          “Girlie,” Sam said sharply, her voice dripping with confidence, “Put your hands back on my body. I trust you.”

          Dee hesitated.

          “Do it.”

          Dee’s hand twitched, but stayed in place.


          Quickly, without further question, the amazon’s hands were back on Sam’s body.

          The smaller woman grinned deviously, “Good girl.  Just remember, I’m in charge now.”

          Dee nodded quickly, nervously biting her lip again.

          Still got it, Sam thought to herself. With that settled, she began her slow trek down the mountain of a woman laying beneath her. Using the amazon’s breasts as a brace, she pushed herself back sliding still wet pussy down those slick cobblestone abs, past her waist, until she was eye level with her belly button. She rocked her hips back and forth and relished the feeling of her swollen lips tracing the thick corded thighs, while her tongue traced the solid V of her lower abs. She could hear Dee’s breathing began to quicken and the slight moan was slowing growing into an animalistic groan. As she surveyed her target, she realized that Dee’s feet were still on the floor. Meaning that she was going to need to reposition herself for this to work. Not wanting to break the mood, she relayed her request as she continued to tease the svelte area around her belly.

          “Girlie?” she asked between kisses.

          “Uhhh...y-y-yes?” she responded in a trembling voice.

          “I’m gonna need a hand really quick. Can spin me please?”

          She felt a strong hand grip her right leg, then there was a feeling of weightlessness as she was readjusted. Once she was set back down, she could feel the bottom of Dee’s breasts rubbing against her rear as she breathed deeply. The strong hands massaged the tiny woman’s hamstrings as she used those trunk like quads to pull her face closer to her prize. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of Dee’s underoos, she attempted the pull them down. Unfortunately, they were stretched so tight, that there was no way she was strong enough to remove them. But…

          “Um…one more thing?”

          The amazon replied with what sounded like a word mixed with a moan.

          Sam snapped the waistband against her trim waist.

          Without hesitation, a large arm reached over her head and grasped the rainbow image that was blocking her destination. In an instant, the garment was torn away and she was staring at the amazon’s trimmed and moist pussy.

    Her lips danced below the belly button and slowly, gently, began to kiss her inner thighs. Dee’s grip tightened on her legs, but oddly it didn’t feel as strong as she expected. Instead of feeling like the grip of a super powered amazon, if felt like they were being massaged by a gentle lover. Well that’s odd, she thought.

    Focusing back on the task at hand, she moved her fingers towards her friend’s anxious lips. As she spread them apart, she could hear the groans becoming more guttural and feel the tensing of the muscles beneath her. She brought her mouth down and gently licked the engorged clit that was waiting for her. The groan intensified. She continued to run her tongue in circles around the soft, swollen nub. The hands holding her legs began to slid her along the flexing abs once more. The sensation of her own clit rubbing those pulsing ridges was starting to cause her own breathing to deepen.

    Sam increased her efforts, beginning to lick and suck with great expertise, at the same time she had begun to tease the amazon’s wet hole with her fingers. The groan had become a growl, the hands were moving her fasting, and the abs were flexing harder and harder. Feeling herself getting close, she refused to let her cum before her lover. She began to suck harder and had gone from teasing to inserting four slender fingers in and out with great vigor, her arm tensing with the effort. Her own resolve was breaking, and her arm quickly tiring, she switched things up and began to furiously rub engorged clit. She could hear the growl intensifying, felt the grinding quicken, and brought out the big guns. In the sexiest voice she could muster, she beckoned to her giantess.

          “Oh yeah girlie, oh I’m getting so close,” she moaned, “Are you getting close?”

          “….uhhhhh….ohhhhhhh……..y-y-y-y-y-y-yes.” The response came shakily.

          Sam continued her efforts, pouring it on, “Mmm…that’s right girlie…cum with me.”

          The growl became a whimper, broken up between gasps.

          “C-c-cum with me baby…cum for me…please…I wanna cum together.” Sam was rubbing as fast as should could, the strong hands sliding her harder and harder. She tried to focus, her vision was getting glassy as the pleasure built, she didn’t know how much longer she could keep up, when suddenly it happened.

    As the amazon’s hands gripped her legs tightly and pulled her clit across those bulging abs, she thrust her mouth onto her lover’s nub and sucked as hard as she could. Both let loose with a torrent of moans, groans, pants, and maybe even a few dirty words. Sam wasn’t sure at this point. Her entire body was quivering violently and the spotty vision was back. She could, however, feel the tensing and bulging of muscles beneath her as Dee too experiencing her own climax. The sensations felt as though the lasted hours, but she couldn’t be sure as time was not within her comprehension right now. The quivering mountain beneath her finally subsided, and she felt movement beneath her. A pair of hands gently lifted her as the amazon sat up on the bed. She felt a massive arm slide underneath her butt and cradle her into a giant pair of breasts. Her trembling finally subsided and she looked up at Dee and smiled.

          “Hey you,” she said, her mouth and throat noticeably dry.

          The amazon’s face was one of concern. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” she asked with a twinge of fear in her throaty voice.

          The small girl patted the meaty shoulder she was leaning against, “No, you did a great job controlling yourself. You have the gentlest and softest touch I have ever felt.” She planted light kisses on her lover’s right breast and slowly caressed the other.

          A sigh came from above. “See that’s the thing. I didn’t hold back. I couldn’t hold back. The things you were doing felt...amazing. There was no way I could have contained myself.”

          Sam stopped kissing and looked up, confused. “Girlie, there is no way. I’ve been gripped hard before, even had a few bruises afterward. Your touch was not too strong, or even painful, it was…just right.”

          She could see the amazon consider that. Her lover sat her on the bed and stood up. “Okay, I have a theory, but we’re both going to have to approach this…scientifically.”

          She raised an eyebrow, “Okay, I’m listening.”



Chapter 3: Things go to a whole other level. WARNING: Things get pretty graphic here.

Artwork by the one and only :iconjinworks:!

Full Size Image: Inheritance - Fun

All characters are my own creation. Additionally, all characters are 18 years of age or older.
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LenStormcrow1988 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016
Wow that was steamy and sexy.
TrentHarlow Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I couldn't agree more!!!
LenStormcrow1988 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016
You write great lemons.
J2001 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
A fantastic girl love story. I wish there were more stories like this.
TrentHarlow Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the kind words! There is more coming!
koopa16 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2016
That was HAAAWT as hell !
Well done on the descriptions part, you really went into the erotic part of the trope. It's really interesting that the dominant/confident attitude alternates from Dee to Sam during this chapter. 

I'm also really curious about the various hints you spread into this chapter about Sam being "immune" to Dee's strength and almost "on par" with her when she squeezed her biceps...
I really hope it means that Sam is somehow able to tap into the power of the amulet and that all that delicious power will have no other choice but to make her muscles grows massively as well ;)

Thanks for you hard work and thanks for sharing it with us!
TrentHarlow Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the kind words! All I can say is stay tuned! :D
AmateurUnleaded Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016
Just...DAMN. Sam is the best. She is just...the best. Everyone needs more Sam in their lives. 

Consider yourself DULY NOTED ;)
TrentHarlow Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Noted! :D
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