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The Amulet of Delilah: Inheritance

Chapter 4 - Experiments


    Dee had one hand behind her back and the other touching her chin as she paced in front of Sam. It must have looked like she was trying to solve a complex math equation. Her thoughts gathered, she stopped and spoke, “Earlier, when I was carrying you into the room...”

          “Mmm…my hulk in shining armor,” Sam interrupted, a tingly sensation went through her as she thought back to an hour ago. She snapped her fingers loudly and brought her back to the present.

          “Focus!” she exclaimed, “Earlier. I flexed my bicep for you, and you squeezed it. Remember?”

          Sam smiled coyly, making no attempt to hide that she was fantasizing about that moment.

    “Okay if you cooperate, you pick what we do next. Deal?”

    The pixie perked up and nodded her head quickly.

          “Good. Now there was something about that moment that seemed…odd to me,” Sam listened intently, “I had assumed that with the super strength, that nobody would be able to put a dent in my muscles. But when you squeezed my bicep, I actually felt it. At first I thought it was in my head because I saw you doing it. Then I realized that I felt you doing it because you were doing it. Your tiny hand was actually compressing my muscle.”

          “You don’t think I’m super strong now too? Or that you just aren’t as strong as you think?”

          Dee pondered that, then eyeing something to her left, and shook her head in a negative response. She stepped to the left and hefted her storage chest with one hand. Misjudging her strength, she nearly tossed it across the room before stopping it with her other hand. Her face did not hide her amazement, as just last week the two of them had tried to slide it to the other side of the room and couldn’t budge it. Now she could probably throw it as easily as somebody would a waded up piece of paper. She experimentally curled the chest as if it was some weight at the gym. Sam’s eyes grew wide with excitement at the sight of her biceps pumping up and down.

          “Nope,” she said as she sat the chest in the spot they had intended to move it to before, “Pretty sure that I’m super strong.” She eyed the dresser thoughtfully, “You think we should do some redecorating while I’m a one woman moving crew?” She shook her head and smiled at Sam, “Naw. We got way more fun stuff to do.”

          The pixie’s wide eyes still stared at her arms, she could tell that her lover was trying to focus on the task at hand, “Okay. So we know that your muscles are not just for show. But I still don’t understand how…” Her nude little pixie suddenly sat up, her eyes suddenly focused on nothing. Dee knew this face, her lover had an idea.

          “Well don’t keep me waiting sweetie, we don’t have all day.” Literally.

          Sam looked up at her. “The book said something about the magic of the amulet being tied to love. That it protected the wearer’s lover or something. It didn’t get specific.”

          She pondered that a moment. “So you think that I am incapable of hurting…my lover?” The last words brought a huge smile to her face. “So maybe that means when we are touching, somehow, even though I can easily toss around our furniture, you are immune to my strength?”

          “Possibly. It would actually explain a lot. Here.” She crawled down the bed towards her. “Flex for me.”

          The request caught her by surprise. “Um okay. Which muscle?”

          The pixie laughed, “Surprise me.”

          Thinking back to her posing practice in the mirror. She went for the one she had liked the most. She moved her right leg out to the side, pointing her toes straight out. Her quads exploded outwards, almost as much as Sam’s eyes did.

    “That Quadzilla has gotten nothing on me huh?”

    Sam didn’t move. She just stared.

    Dee giggled, “Well come on sweetie, it’s waiting on you.”

          She watched the pixie shake the cobwebs out and reach her trembling hands towards the swollen leg. The diminutive hands reached their target and gripped tightly. The muscle gave easily. Sam continued to squeeze her bulky thighs with great enthusiasm. It felt amazing, kind of like a massage. She lowered her leg down in an effort to keep them on task, much to the pixie’s dismay.

          “Well, so that answers that,” She said matter of factly, “So now the next question.” A devilish grin crossed her face.

          Sam gulped.

          “What does that mean for my little pixie?” She leaned forward and wrapped her arm around Sam’s back, easily lifting her. “I believe she is owed some payback for this morning.” She pulled her hand back and brought it down onto Sam’s tiny round ass. The pop was loud.

          “Hey!” her friend yelped, “What gives?” She wiggled helplessly, trying desperately to pry herself from the larger woman’s arm to no avail. She lifted the pixie’s reddening cheek to her lips and kissed it before setting her back on the bed. Dee looked down at her lover, a sheepish grin on her face.

          “So, what did we learn?”

          Sam slugged her in the hip. “That somebody is a bit of a bully.” She rubbed her butt gently. “However, I would say it stung, probably the same if you had done it before the uh…hulkout?” Finding the right words to describe the change seemed a slight challenge to the pixie.

          “Good to know. What else?”

          “Just because I can squeeze your muscles, does not mean that I can move them.”

          Dee nodded her head. “Well, I feel like that was a productive experiment.”

          She saw a smile cross the pixie’s face. “Agreed. Now it’s my turn.”




          The amazon looked at her and giggled. “Okay sweetie, what did you have in mind?”

          Sam turned around grabbed the pillows from the head of the bed and made a little cushion for her sit back against. She spread her legs and began to rub her own thighs.

          “I want a show.”

          Dee looked confused, “Um…what kind of show?”

          An excited grin covered her face. “Pose for me.”

          Her lover hesitated, “But I really don’t know how.”

          “Oh please,” she replied, “I saw you practicing for like 40 minutes earlier, you got to have learned something.”

          The amazon looked nervous, her naked skin reddened and she looked down.

          “Girlie,” she moaned, causing Dee to look up. Her left hand was massaging her breast, while the right hand was between her legs. “Do it…for me?”

          Her lover turned around as if ashamed. As she was about to say something, Dee put her hands on her hips and flexed her back muscles. Cords of convoluted muscles rippled and bulged all over her back as she brought her arms into a double bicep flex.

          Sam began to rub herself quicker, her breaths coming in small gasps. “Oh yeah girlie, that is soooo sexy. Show me more.”

          She watched as the amazon bent forward slowly, bringing her legs together as she touched her toes. Her glutes exploded outwards as her hamstrings formed what looked like a giant horseshoe. Moving her left leg, she spread her legs making the muscles dance further.

          Furiously rubbing her clit, she made an effort to continue encouraging her lover between gasps, but all she could manage to say each time was “yes”.

    The amazon poked her head from behind her legs, the sight of her lover clearly getting off on her performance obviously boosted her confidence. She punctuated this with a few playful glute flexes. Sam intently watched as she was really getting into it. She spun herself on one foot like a ballerina, her strong ankles allowed her to complete one and half complete spins. As she came to face Sam, her lover placed her left foot on the bed and slid her hands along her thick thighs. She continued up her rippling abs until they reached her breasts. The amazon hefted them up to better showcase her flexing abs. Sam was really enjoying this, she had brought her other hand down to assist in the process and was swiftly fingering herself. Dee ran her hands over her glorious breasts and brought her bent arms over her head. She lowered her left arm into an amazing bicep flex. Sam groaned deeply as the amazon leaned over to suck and lick the bulging mass. Her right hand slid slowly down her chest, over her abdominals, and seductively teased her own pussy. Sam could smell her arousal in the air and her efforts became more frantic as she watched the amazon extend and bend her left arm, causing the bicep to dance before her eyes. Dee began to rub her own clit with a speed that seemed superhuman, her hips thrusting forward as she brought herself closer and closer to climax. Sam watched as the muscles in the amazon’s right arms danced rhythmically as she pleasured herself. It was all too much for her as she threw head back and bucked her hips. The amazon came in sync with Sam, her throaty groans shaking the walls.

Chapter 04a by TrentHarlow

          As Sam came down from her bliss, she opened her eyes and saw her amazon kneeling in front of her on the floor. Sam exhaled deeply.

          “Are you hungry?” she asked, “I’m famished.”

          The amazon laughed and scooped her up into her massive arms.

          “I could eat.”





Chapter 4: The girls coduct some fun experiments, and Sam gets a very enjoyable show.

Full Size Image: Inheritance - Experiments (Censored)

Special thanks to :iconamateurunleaded: for the review and feedback!

Artwork by the one and only :iconjinworks:!!

All characters are my own creation. Additionally, all characters are 18 years of age or older.
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